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Golf Putting Mats

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    FORB Golf Putting Machine | Practise Putting At Home

    FORB Putt Returner With Auto Return Mechanism

    100% portable & battery powered, this Automatic Putt Returner is a must-have for golfers. Ideal for home-use, the ball returning mechanism allows you to perfect your technique anywhere.

    Special Price €8.99

    Regular Price: €14.99

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    FORB Home Putting Mat | Golf Putting Mats | Golf Mat

    FORB Home Golf Putting Mat

    FORB Home Golf Putting Mat available in lengths of 10ft or 12ft. Manufactured from non-crease polyester with an EVA foam base. 3 holes sit on an incline.

    Special Price €74.99

    Regular Price: €99.99

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    Golf Putting Mat | Putting Practise Mat | Golf Mat

    FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat Trainer

    10ft long FORB Dual Speed Putting Mat. Smooth and textured greens provide varied practice. Heavy-duty rubber base and ball return rack.

    Special Price €49.99

    Regular Price: €59.99

    Available for 2 day delivery
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    FORB Professional Putting Mat - Standard

    FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat

    FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat manufactured from 12mm grass polyethylene and 40mm grass polyethylene and polypropylene curl. Putting mat is 12ft long x 3.2ft wide.

    Special Price €334.99

    Regular Price: €419.99

    Available for 2 day delivery
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    FORB Professional Putting Mat - XL

    FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat XL

    13ft long x 6.5ft wide XL FORB Professional Putting Mat. High-quality putting surface is manufactured from 12mm grass polyethylene which is surrounded by 40mm grass polyethylene and polypropylene curl. Pack of FORB F – 5 Golf Balls included.

    Special Price €974.99

    Regular Price: €1,219.99

    Available for 2 day delivery
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    Golf Putting Matting Indoor Outdoor Replica Artificial Grass Turf Driving Range

    Golf Putting Green Matting – 2m Wide

    Realistic artificial turf putting mat made from 0.5 inch all-weather yarn. 2m wide and available in a choice of lengths. Suitable for indoor putting greens or outdoor use.

    Special Price €59.99

    Regular Price: €79.99

    Available for 2 day delivery
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    Portable Golf Hitting Mat

    FORB Tri Turf Golf Hitting Mat [2ft x 1.3ft]

    A trifold hitting mat with 3 distinct sections with an overall size of 2ft x 1.3ft. Features a 35mm rough and fairway and a 16mm fringe that is all supported by a dense 2mm rubber base. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Special Price €44.99

    Regular Price: €59.99

    Available for 2 day delivery
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If you’re looking to sharpen your putting technique and nail those short strokes, then check out our fantastic range of golf putting mats. We have a wide variety of putting mats so you’re sure to find something suitable for every golfer. From dual speed putting mats to extra large golf putting mats, you can replicate the green wherever you are, so you can bring the joy of the golf course to you!

Challenge the green from your own home with our FORB Home Golf Putting Mat. Made from sturdy polyester and EVA foam, this golf putting mat replicates the smooth surface of the green, allowing you to practice and perfect a range of golf techniques. The thick rubber matting underneath allows you to place your putting mat on any home surface without it slipping and creasing.

Our amazing home golf putting mat is cleverly designed with a realistic incline, meaning you can rise to the challenge and learn to control the power behind your putting strokes. With three different holes to choose from you can mix up your putting shots and angles, so no two practice sessions are the same!

Pull out this lightweight golf mat when you feel the urge to practice those hole in ones, then when you’re done simply roll it back up and safely store it away for next time. You’ll lower your handicap in no time at all with our home golf putting mat!

Become a master on the green with our FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat Trainer. It boasts two different textures on each side of the mat to replicate the variety of grass types on a real golf green. One side of the mat is slightly more textured to replicate the rougher areas of the putting green, which means you can experience and learn the different speeds and techniques that come with playing on the different types of grass.

Our practice putting mat has a huge 10ft of playing surface meaning your target range is that bit further away. This encourages the development of that all important back swing and golf stance.

The ingenious ball return system saves you valuable practice time by return your golf ball for you, whether you’re on target or even if you miss. Gone are the days of tedious trips to retrieve the ball, our golf putting mat trainer does the hard work for you!

This putting mat is perfect for solo practice, you’ll be the envy of the golf club when you show off your newly polished golf techniques!

Simulate being on the golf course with our realistic FORB Professional Putting Mat! This fantastic putting mat boast two quality gradients of putting green to recreate a realistic playing surface, all from the luxury of your own home.

The main area of the putting mat is constructed from a 12mm artificial turf to replicate the smooth area of the putting green. The outer edge of the mat is a 40mm rough grass texture to toughen the challenge and ensure a realistic golfing experience. This rough border helps to contain your golf balls on the smooth green, just like on the golf course!

Our golf putting mat has two holes to aim for, so you can mix up your angles during each practice session. Each hole is cleverly indicated by a flag to help you get that desired hole in one!

Perfect those short strokes whenever the mood takes you by simply rolling out your professional putting mat on any home surface. Its waterproof and easy to clean so you can keep your putting mat clean and looking its best all year round.


Bring the green to your home with our premium FORB Professional Putting Mat XL! Our extra large golf putting mat is great for sharpening your golf skills with friends or even getting in some solo practice ahead of a big game.

Add a professional setting to your home or garden with this durable putting green area. The dual grass feature helps improve your game by preparing you for anything. Get hole in one ready in no time, thanks to our fantastic golf putting mat!

Not only do you receive a high quality putting mat, but you get a pack of 12 F-5 Golf balls, completely free! Practice in style with your fantastic new golf set up!

Get PGA ready with our Golf Putting Green Matting, available in a range of sizes to suit your exact needs. Made from artificial all-weather turf, this realistic golf putting mat is designed to make you feel like you’re out on the golf course. Personalise your artificial golf matting to whatever size you need, whether it’s for home practice sessions or for the golf club, our high quality golf putting matting will stand the test of time.

Come rain or shine, your golf practice doesn’t need to be tarnished, thanks to our UV stabilised polypropylene putting matting you can practice your swing for as long as you want.

Perfect your putting skills with our amazing FORB Putt Returner with Auto Return Mechanism!

Practice your putt anywhere, anytime thanks to our portable golf putting machine. It’s powered by two AA batteries, so you don’t need to worry about wires and cables, just place on any flat surface, turn it on and you’re good to go!

Thanks to the putting machines automation return function, your golf ball will be sent right back to you, which is motivation for getting that golf ball on target! The less time you spend fetching the ball means more time nailing that shot! This handy golf training tool is perfect for practicing your putting at home or on the go!

Whatever your style or budget, in Net World Sports great range of golf putting mats you’re sure to find your perfect playing partner, meaning you can be on your way to being the next Rory Mcllroy! We stock everything from home golf putting mats to professional putting green mats, so all your golf putting needs can be taken care of at New World Sports!