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Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

    Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts Rugby Posts For Sale Hinged Rugby Post For Sale Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts
  • Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts
  • Rugby Posts For Sale
  • Hinged Rugby Post For Sale
  • Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

Tackle the difficulty of the setting up and taking down of your rugby posts with our high-quality hinged aluminium rugby posts. Three heights available.

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Regular Price: €1,719.99

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Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

Easy Put Up & Take Down

The hinged element allows for easy put up and take down.

Safer To Use

Safety during the erection and take down of the posts is increased due to the hinges. 

Suitable For All

Comes in one junior and two senior sizes. 




Tackle Difficult Set Up & Take Down With These Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

If you’re looking for a set of rugby posts which are easy to erect and take down whilst maintaining a high-quality, sturdy design then look no further than these hinged aluminium rugby posts.

Used by a number of professional rugby clubs across the UK, these posts are manufactured from reinforced aluminium – ensuring strength and requiring little maintenance.

Whilst rugby posts can often be difficult to put up and take down, the hinged adapters supplied with these posts eradicate safety issues.

Available in three different sizes we have every age range covered, from juniors through to professionals.

These posts offer you a quick, safe and cost effective solution whether you’re looking for an upgrade, replacement or a first time purchase.

Please note: Due to the specific manufacturing processes of this product delivery time will be between 2-3 weeks. 

Net World Sports offers a range of rugby equipment for all levels from school children to Six Nations finalists. To get the most of our rugby posts, why not team them up with one of our kicking tees.



Available Heights:

  • 6.5m (21ft)
  • 10.5m (34ft) 
  • 13m (42.7ft)


  • Both sets of goalposts are made from 100mm x 110mm reinforced aluminium.
  • Crossbar is 5.6m (18ft) long and made from 80mm reinforced aluminium.
  • 6.5m (21ft) posts are single piece uprights.
  • 10.5m (34ft) & 13m (42.7ft) posts are 2 piece uprights.
  • 90cm (3ft) deep galvanised steel sockets require professionally concreting into the ground.


  • It is advised that the posts are taken down during bad weather.
  • Uprights and crossbar are powder coated white.
  • Hinge adaptors slot inside post uprights and drop into ground sockets for ease of erecting / demounting the goals.
  • Sold in pairs and singularly.
  • Product will require assembly.
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Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

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Hinged Aluminium Rugby Posts

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