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FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting [With Stump Lines] – 2.74m Wide

FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting [With Stump Lines] – 2.74m Wide

  • Cricket matting with white stump lines
  • Club specification cricket matting for batting & bowling training
  • Green Club Cricket Matting with lines
  • Cricket matting with stump lines & a cage
  • Cricket matting with wicket lines
  • Cricket Matting with lines closeup
  • Cricket matting with white stump lines
  • Club specification cricket matting for batting & bowling training
  • Green Club Cricket Matting with lines
  • Cricket matting with stump lines & a cage
  • Cricket matting with wicket lines
  • Cricket Matting with lines closeup

High performance tufted cricket matting with contrasting stump lines - perfect for batting & bowling drills. Elite construction delivers consistent bounce & grip with excellent longevity guaranteed. Designed for use as non-turf club wickets & indoor/outdoor practice lanes. Suitable for cricketers of all ages & abilities. Measuring 2.74m wide, various lengths (1m - 30m) available.

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Best Club Spec Cricket Practice Mat For Batting & Bowling Drills

Premium Quality Cricket Matting with Wicket lines

Brand-New Design

Engineered for ultimate performance & longevity, this cricket training mat boasts premium materials & improved construction. Enjoy optimal ball bounce, weather resistance & a lifespan of up to a decade.

Premium Quality Cricket Matting with stump lines

Guiding Stump Lines

The 2.74m wide mat features 3 white woven stump lines that act as a perfect cricket training aid, allowing batters to position their stance, guarding the wicket, and helping bowlers improve their line & length form.

Cricket Matting With Shockpad Underlay | Astro Cricket Mats

Shockpad Underlay Upgrade

Enhance the performance of your cricket mat with the FORTRESS Shockpad/Underlay, absorbing player & ball impacts, extending the lifespan of the artificial carpet, & protecting athletes. Click HERE to upgrade.


FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting With Stump Lines – Perfect For Cricket Clubs & Schools

Experience the ball bounce, spin, and grip of a natural turf wicket with this club-spec cricket matting, featuring white stump lines. Its innovative design ensures consistent performance and serves as a valuable training aid for cricketers of all levels and ages, making it the preferred choice for cricket clubs, schools, and professional players alike. Built to withstand the rigours of intense cricket action, the artificial tufted carpet boasts a robust construction that defies wear and tear. With UV-stabilised materials and reinforced stitching, it offers unmatched durability and longevity.

What Makes This FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting Stand Out?

Excellent Spin & Bounce Properties

Redesigned to replicate the feel of natural grass turf wickets, the 10mm-thick artificial carpet, when used in combination with the 6mm shock padding, guarantees precise ball bounce. The club specification mat features an increased yarn volume (density) of 75600 stitches per square metre for improved ball grip, making it ideal for spin bowling drills.

High-Visibility Wicket Lines

This FORTRESS Club Spec Matting features three white wicket lines, serving as a valuable training aid for both batters and bowlers. These lines accurately replicate cricket stumps' positions and are seamlessly woven into the matting during the manufacturing process, ensuring their durability matches that of the matting itself. This integration facilitates natural movement and bounce off the mat, even upon contact with the wicket lines.

100% Weather Resistance

Engineered using ultra-high-density polyethene (HDPE) yarn that has been UV stabilised to prevent it from sun damage, this cricket pitch mat boasts long-lasting performance and durability. Its rot-resistant qualities make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Cross-linked net-cloth baking with SBR bonding (glue) provides a secure hold for the yarn to withstand years of use.

5-Year Warranty & Expected 10-Year Lifespan

Guaranteed with a 5-year warranty, contingent upon correct installation and maintenance practices, this FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting is built to last for an extended period, with an expected lifespan of up to 7-10 years. Longevity depends on installation, diligent maintenance routines, and appropriate usage conditions.

Unmatched Performance

Premium-quality FORTRESS Cricket Mats maintain their integrity and consistent performance over time. Unlike many other artificial cricket carpets, which tend to lose their ball grip and bounce characteristics because of yarn distortion as artificial grass blades are stamped flat or lean in one direction, our non-turf cricket mat is constructed using multi-directional pre-curled yarn, which does not distort, ensuring optimal bounce and spin even after years of repeated use.

Shockpad/Underlay Option Upgrade

Elevate your cricket playing experience by incorporating the 6mm FORTRESS shockpad beneath our training FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting. This underlay serves as a cushion against foot traffic and ball impacts, extending the lifespan of the matting while ensuring a safer and more comfortable playing surface for athletes. Not only does it reduce stress on players' joints, but it also enhances ball bounce performance, replicating the feel of a natural turf wicket.

Click HERE to upgrade.

Installation Guidance

For optimal performance, consider between 2 types of subbases to be applied under FORTRESS Cricket Matting With Stump Lines:

Aggregate/Dynamic Base:

This subbase type offers superior ball bounce and more efficient rainwater drainage compared to concrete, also recommended by ECB. Construct the bottom 50mm layer with limestone or granite (MOT Type 1), add a weed control fabric (100gsm or higher) in the middle layer, and top it with 6mm granite dust or sand. It is highly recommended to utilise a timber frame edge border to accommodate all these materials, especially for setups with multiple practice lanes. At the next step, stretch and secure down the FORTRESS Shockpad Underlay, then the cricket pitch matting using nails or screws.

Concrete/Tarmac Base

This base is popular among local builders and grounds care professionals since it is both cost-effective and durable. For DIY enthusiasts, it's easy to set up using recycled materials. While expert cricketers and ECB caution against much higher ball bounce, this could still be a suitable option for schools and home setups. Fill the bottom 25-50mm layer with sand or crushed stone, add a 100gsm weed control fabric in the middle layer, and top it with 50-100mm of concrete or tarmac. Opting for tarmac offers better drainage and a softer ball bounce. We recommend using a timber frame edge border for this subbase as well. You can tension and secure the cricket shockpad/underlay, followed by the artificial cricket pitch carpet, using nails, screws, or matting glue for stability.

Maintenance Advice

Regular cleaning with water, a stiff brush, and moss cleaning agents enhances the matting's lifespan and maintains consistent ball performance.


Specifications of the FORTRESS Club Spec Cricket Matting with Wicket Lines


  • Width: 2.74m | 9ft
  • Length: Pre-cut lengths available from 1m (3ft) to 30m (98.5ft)
  • Matting Thickness: 10mm | 0.4in


  • Tufted matting construction (textured)
  • Curled yarn manufactured from ultra-high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Yarn Density (Volume): 75600 stitches per sq m
  • Yarn is compacted together using net cloth backing & SBR bonding (glue)


  • Yarn Colour: Green with 3 White stump lines
  • Backing Colour: Black
  • UV-treated & 100% weatherproof for increased longevity
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • UPGRADE OPTION: We recommend using an underlay/shockpad for enhanced performance and extended lifespan
  • 5-year warranty (when correctly installed & maintained)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cricket matting ONLY. Cages, stumps, bats, balls & ball thrower are sold separately.
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