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    8 x 5 FORZA Gaelic Football & Hurling Posts | Gaelic Football Posts | Gaelic Football | Net World Sports

    8 x 5 FORZA GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal Posts

    Special Price €129.99

    Regular Price: €179.99

  2. Sale
    10 x 6 FORZA Gaelic Football & Hurling Posts

    10 x 6 FORZA GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal Posts

    Special Price €169.99

    Regular Price: €239.99

  3. Sale
    12 x 6 FORZA Gaelic Football & Hurling Posts

    12 x 6 FORZA GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal Posts

    Special Price €179.99

    Regular Price: €259.99

  4. Sale
    8 X 5 FORZA Steel42 Gaelic & Hurling Goal | Net World Sports

    8 x 5 FORZA Steel42 GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal

    Special Price €199.99

    Regular Price: €250.99

  5. Sale
    FORZA 10 X 6 Steel42 Gaelic & Hurling Goal | Net World Sports

    10 x 6 FORZA Steel42 GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal

    Special Price €279.99

    Regular Price: €350.99

  6. Sale
    FORZA 12 X 6 Gaelic & Hurling Goal | Gaelic Football Posts

    12 x 6 FORZA Steel42 GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal

    Special Price €299.99

    Regular Price: €339.99

  7. Sale
    15 X 7 FORZA Steel42 GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal

    15 X 7 FORZA Steel42 GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Goal

    Special Price €339.99

    Regular Price: €425.99

  8. Sale
    Football Goal Target Sheets

    FORZA Football Goal Target Sheets

    Special Price €24.99

    Regular Price: €29.99

  9. Sale
    FORZA Pro Goal Target Sheets

    FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

    Special Price €129.99

    Regular Price: €179.99

  10. Sale
    Elastic Bungee Goal Net Ties - 40 Pack

    High Stretch Elastic Bungee Net Ties - 40 Pack

    Special Price €14.99

    Regular Price: €19.99

  11. Multibuy! Save Up To 55%
    Football Net Clips | Net World Sports

    Football Net Clips

    Special Price €3.99

    Regular Price: €4.99

  12. Multibuy! Save Up To 40%
    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

    Special Price €5.99

    Regular Price: €8.99

  13. Multibuy! Save Up To 50%
    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Steel & Plastic Net Pegs

    Special Price €3.99

    Regular Price: €4.99

  14. Sale
    replacement diagram

    FORZA Replacement Back Stanchions

    Special Price €5.99

    Regular Price: €8.99

  15. Sale
    FORZA Replacement Corners & Connectors

    FORZA Replacement Corners & Connectors

    Special Price €5.99

    Regular Price: €8.99

  16. Sale
    Tube Diagram

    FORZA Replacement Tubes

    Special Price €7.99

    Regular Price: €11.99

  17. Sale
    Replacement Locking Buttons (Pack Of 16)

    Spare Locking Buttons (Pack Of 16)

    Special Price €5.99

    Regular Price: €7.99

  18. Sale
    Velcro Goal Net Ties

    Quick-Release Goal Net Ties

    Special Price €11.99

    Regular Price: €14.99

  19. Sale
    Arrow Net Hooks for Steel Goals

    Arrow Net Hooks for Steel Goals

    Special Price €24.99

    Regular Price: €39.99

  20. Sale
    Steel Chains For Freestanding Goals

    Goal To Fence Chain Anchors [Set of 2]

    Special Price €24.99

    Regular Price: €39.99

  21. Sale
    Goal To Wall Anchor Set

    Goal Anchor Chains & Wall Bolts [Set Of 2]

    Special Price €29.99

    Regular Price: €39.99

Enjoy the thrill of playing the nation of Ireland’s oldest and most traditional sports, Gaelic Football and Irish Hurling, with Net World Sports.

As the World’s #1 leading supplier of Football Goals, including our very own brand of FORZA Football (Soccer) Goal Posts, we aspire to cover all varieties of sports goals, including the physically challenging Gaelic Football, and the self-proclaimed ‘Fastest Game on Grass’, Hurling.

Our patented goals will help young hurlers, junior Gaelic footballers and even the most experienced professionals improve their accuracy, hook shots, throws, and penalty kicks.

We’ve extended our FORZA goal range to not only cater for Football Goals, but for these hugely competitive sports too. Our incredible FORZA goals are available in 2 materials – uPVC and Steel (commonly known around here as our ‘Locking’ and ‘Steel42’ range, respectively).

Both goal frames are manufactured from heavy-duty, super strong, high impact materials. The uPVC goal frames are completely shatterproof, and their unique FORZA essential locking system ensure that all fittings & fixtures slot together quickly and securely. The Locking goal range is available in 3 sizes – 8ft x 5ft, 10ft x 6ft, and 12ft x 6ft. They are the best Gaelic and hurling goals tailor-made for junior and under-age players of all ages, perfect for playing in the garden and various outdoor surfaces.

For the ultimate Gaelic & Hurling Goal Set, Net World Sports includes a bag of Net Clips, Ground Anchor Pegs, and a braided, knotless HDPP goal net (3mm) capable of enduring the fiercest of hook kicks, punts, and penalties, at no extra cost.

Fans of other sports like Soccer, Rugby, and American Football can also utilise this goal to mix up play between their favourite sports.

Our FORZA Steel42 range is great for those with a little more room in their wallet, and for buyers who’re looking for a Gaelic goal to provide them with years of use, blooding the future star of the GAA. Fully weatherproof, this goal is best for schools, clubs, or like its uPVC alternative, in the garden.

Forged from high-impact, and enhanced density 42mm round galvanised steel, the Freestanding goals may seem daunting to assemble, but with it’s simple pop & lock components it couldn’t be easier. A white heavy duty 3mm net with 50mm mesh, along with a pack of elastic bungee net toes and ground anchor U-Pegs for the complete package.

An alternative to our FORZA range is the Aluminium, Freestanding Alu75 & Alu80 Gaelic football and Hurling Posts. Like our FORZAs, they come with nets included and can be bought as a pair. The Alu75s & Alu80s are self-weighted so there’s no need for any ground sockets to be installed. Similar to the Steel42s, these goals can be left out in all weather conditions all year round without succumbing to rust and corrosion. However, don’t mistake them for professional level GAA goals, although they are more than capable of hosting junior tournaments and hosting games at school & college levels.

Net World Sports does provide a full-sized professional 21ft x 8ft Gaelic & hurling goal for players looking to compete at the highest level. They’re available in both freestanding and permanent socketed versions, with a choice of 36ft or 42ft uprights.

Check out our vast range of Gaelic Training Equipment, Gaelic Goal Nets, and Ball Stop Netting for the complete Gaelic & Hurling package. All of our goal nets are professional standard, and super-heavy duty so they can easily withstand an infinite amount of Gaelic balls and sliotar impacts.

There’s a multitude of training equipment that can be tailored towards team colours, like our ever-expanding range of FORZA Training Bibs, now available in red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and pink.

Our Gaelic training cones are also available in a variety of colours to match a Gaelic and Hurling team’s colours, emblems, stadium features, and more.

Keep your Gaelic Footballs at the fully inflated GAA regulation PSI, with our incredible range of ball pumps and needles. We have stirrup pumps, electric pumps, along with arguably the world’s best hand pump, the FORZA Pump That Ball™, capable of inflating every air-pressured sports ball within just 10 seconds.

The GAA strongly advises that players should ‘satisfy your fluid requirements at all times’. Hydration is imperative to any athlete, so our ‘easy-squeeze’ water bottles should be a priority for any sports team. Choose from an individual bottle, or a Jumbo pack of 10 or 20 bottles for the whole squad, and even add a handy carrier for convenience & portability. Don’t ever let dehydration impair performance.

Players can improve their fitness, speed, and endurance with some of the best Gaelic training equipment worthy of any GAA team, or Hurling & Camogie teams. Combine FORZA’s Slalom Poles, speed ladders, and speed training hurdles in order to undertake the best Gaelic training drills to enhance agility performance, footwork, and stamina.

Coaches can initiate circuit and cross training exercises, designed to improve speed, agility, coordination, muscular endurance, and jumping with just a few of our training marker cones, slalom poles, and speed hurdles in their possession.

They can also set-up drills and training sessions for both attackers and defenders with our sports hitting nets (or goals). Have attackers throw or kick into the net whilst defenders practice their block down technique.

Net World Sports can help you accomplish your Gaelic Goals. With our specialist equipment at your disposal, players and coaches will be able to create shooting drills to improve shooting technique, trick shots, and block downs. One day, your name might be up there amongst some of the best Gaelic football players to have graced the field such as Colm Cooper, Ciaran McDonald, and Trevor Giles.

We can also help you hurl your way to the top by assisting you or your team in learning how to play hurling, perfectly adhere to the basic rules, and execute shots with deadly precision. Channel your inner Hurling All-Star like Alan Cadogan, John McGrath, and Tony Kelly.

There is no substitute to Net World Sports when it comes to supplying the best Gaelic Football & Hurling equipment, goal posts, and nets the world has to offer, so don’t show us the black card, trust the experts and become a Champion!