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StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]

StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]

  • Grass Marking Equipment
  • Tufts For Grass Pitches
  • Wembley Grass Marking Tufts
  • Coloured Tufts
  • Brightly Coloured Tufts
  • Groundsman Tufts
  • Grass Marking Equipment
  • StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]
  • Tufts For Grass Pitches
  • StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]
  • Wembley Grass Marking Tufts
  • Coloured Tufts
  • Brightly Coloured Tufts
  • Groundsman Tufts
  • StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]
  • StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts/Carrots [Pack Of 25]
Easy to install, screw-in grass marking tufts. Weatherproof marking tool made from dense polypropylene with thick UV resistant synthetic fibres. An essential piece of equipment for groundsmen which creates vivid and colourful marking. Installation tool included. Pack of 25 tufts available in 7 colour options.

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Preserve Your Pitch Lines With These Professional Grass Marking Tufts

Durable Wembley Grass Marking Tufts

Installation Tool

With the handy diving tool that’s included with each pack of marking tufts you’ll be able to quickly and easily install your markers.

Multiple Colour Wembley Grass Marking Tufts

Professional Marking Tufts

Our colourful carrot markers are the tuft of choice for professional groundsmen worldwide, having been supplied to Manchester United, FA Wales, Paris Saint-Germain, Cardiff City and more.

pitch markings

Screw-in Bases

The robust spiral screw-in bases of each marking tuft will guarantee that your markers will be firmly fixed into the ground for years to come.


Create The Perfect Pitch With The StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts

Designed to help you create a professional standard pitch, the StadiumMax Grass Marking Tufts are a must have ground marking tool to ensure that the dimensions of your pitch remain intact. With these grass marking tufts, you’ll be able to eliminate the need to repeatedly mark out the boundaries for your pitch for every new season. As each sturdy tuft has been designed to create a permanent guideline, these markers ensure that time will not be wasted on remeasuring a pristine pitch.

  • Available in a range of bright colours: Red, yellow, blue, white, pink and orange
  • Multi-coloured option also availbe with 5x red, yellow, blue, white and orange tufts
  • Highly durable bases made from polypropylene with a screw-in spiral design
  • Designed with synthetic UV stabilised fibres to prevent damage from mowing and ground marking machines
  • Suitable for use on grass or clay surfaces
  • Comes complete with a plastic installation tool for quick and easy use
  • Pack includes 25 tufts and bases
  • 7.5cm (3in) Height x 4cm (1.5in) Width

Manufactured from high-quality materials, this set of highly durable polypropylene marking tufts will remain firmly in the ground once they have been positioned. With mow and UV resistant synthetic fibres, these long-lasting tufts can be easily seen in grass or clay surfaces. The resilient anti-mow technology guarantees that the markers will not be damaged or displaced by ground equipment during routine pitch maintenance.

Difficult weather conditions can have an adverse effect on many pitches, but with the StadiumPro Grass Marking Tufts, you’ll never lose your pitch boundaries again. As each marking tuft is weatherproofed for your convenience, harsh weather will not affect the functionality of these ultra-durable tuft markers. The synthetic fibres will stay vibrant in high UV weather while the polypropylene screw-in base will not become misshapen or warped from hot and cold weather.

As an easy to use tool, the StadiumPro Grass Marking Tufts are an investment for your pitch. To achieve a professional standard pitch simply put each tuft into the ground and then place the diving tool supplied over the marker, ensuring that all the fibres are encased. Finally, use a mallet to drive the tuft into the ground until the stop line is reached. Once this is done, you’ll will have a permanent guide for all of your future pitch lines.

Please note: To ensure your tufts stay firmly in the ground, the top of the screw must be pushed at least 3cm (1 inch) underground level. Sand can then be used to fill the gaps between fibres.



  • Bases: Robust polypropylene
  • Tufts: Mow resistant and UV stabilised fibres


  • Height: 7.5cm (3 inches)
  • Width: 4cm (1.5 inches)


  • Pack of 25 marking tufts
  • Colours available: red, yellow, blue, white, pink and orange
  • Multi coloured option: 5 red, 5 yellow, 5 blue, 5 white, 5 orange tufts
  • Supplied with a plastic driving tool
  • Suitable for both grass and clay surfaces

Installation tips and advice:

  • Push the spiral screw section of the marker 2cm (0.5 inches) into the ground (for clay surfaces, first make a hole 10cm (4 inches) deep using a small chisel before pushing into ground)
  • Place the driving tool over the marker ensuring that all of the synthetic fibres are fully encased
  • Hit the driving tool with a mallet until the "STOP" mark has reached ground level and then remove the driving tool
  • Ensure that top of the screw is set 3cm (1 inch) under ground level
  • Use sand or rubber granules to fill the gap between the fibres
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