In 2022, we were approached by fitness enthusiasts Mike & Martino, with an exciting idea of creating and launching the first functional fitness competition in Wrexham, the hometown of Net World Sports. With MaxOut seeking support from local businesses, and Net World Sports' desire to further expand the METIS fitness sub-brand, this opportunity aligned perfectly, and saw METIS became the event's Official Equipment Supplier.

MaxOut aimed to deliver high-intensity competitions that tested competitors strength, power, endurance, and teamwork. Orgnaising this type of compeition is no mean feat, and required a trial-run to ensure the smooth running of the event and that the equipment is up to standard. As a result, we held a MaxOut Throwdown session at the Net World Sports HQ, where a section of our carpark waas turned into a fitness arena, utilising METIS equipment throughout.

Following the success of the teaser event, later in 2023 MaxOut held their inaugrual competition at the Wrexham Tennis Centre. The event garnered significant attention, attracting over a hundred competitors and enthusiats, both local and travelling from nearby regions.

The competition featured a series of challenging workouts spread over an action-packed weekend. Utilising the METIS equipment, competitors were put to the test in excercises designed to push their physical limits. The event comprised of four intense workouts that demanded a combination of strength, agility, and mental fortitude.

"Now an Official CrossFit Lincenced event... we are the first competition to join forces with Net World Sports and the METIS brand. Working closely with such a big company to help strengthen our event and the METIS brand within the crossfit community has been an exciting project." Mike Taylor, MaxOut Co-Founder

The exclusive use of METIS gym equipment enhanced the quality and authenticity of the competition. From barbells and bumper plates, to kettlebells and plymetric bozes, every piece of equipment played a crucial role in the execution of the workouts, with this style of event demanding only the highest-quality of equipment.

The inaugural competition was a resounding success, setting a high standard for future events. The partnership between Net World Sports and MaxOut proved instrumental in delivering a seamless and memorable experience for all involved. By leveraging METIS equipment, the competition not only showcased the capabilities of the athletes, but also the durability of the equipment.

Building on the success of last years event, MaxOut looks forward to its continued growth in the years to come, along with the support of Net World Sports.